The newest addition to our equipment list is an IKA ElectraSyn 2.0ElectraSyn 2.0 essentially combines three products in one and will facilitate the mass adoption of electrochemistry for preparative organic synthesis: a potentiostat, an analytical device and a stir plate. It is a compact, user friendly and cost effective platform for organic chemists to explore electrochemistry. 

LED lights are used for photocatalytic reactions where a catalyst absorbs light and converts it to chemical energy. We have a variety of LED set ups ranging in size and wavelength (255-700 nm).

The Vapourtec E-Series unit is of use both in research and teaching settings. It comes with a simple intuitive touch-screen interface and push button pump priming. It comes equipped with up to 3 reagent pumps, and 2 reactor positions which each accept the full range of tube and column reactors from the Vapourtec R-Series platform. In association with Vapourtec we have developed a series of ten reactions for the undergraduate teaching laboratory using the E-series unit.

The two CEM Discover microwave units we have act as the workhorses for the group. The flexibility of the system and its modular design opens avenues for a wide range of conditions and variables to be investigated, giving it great versatility in the laboratory. The Discover allows us to run reactions at up to 300°C and 300 psi in 10-mL to 80-mL sealed vessels. Additionally, open-vessel reactions can be run using conventional round-bottom flasks (up to 125 mL) equipped with a reflux condenser.